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To mould young generation to new technology of high order that can meet the challenges in the fast developing technological world by shaping discipline, competence and character of technocrats.







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Sahakar Maharshi
Hon. Shri Annasaheb P.K.Patil
Pioneer in the field of Socio-Economic Transformation of rural areas through Industry and Education.

“First ‘A’ Grade Engineering college in
North Maharashtra University region ”

“Approved by A.I.C.T.E , NEW DELHI “

“ Permitted by Govt. of Maharashtra “

“Affiliated to North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon”

Message From Principal's Desk
Message From Co ordinator's Desk
We believe that the success of an Institute lies in Professionalism, Proficiency,Productivity & Planning. This reflects in the Institute’s ethos directly towards building the happiest wheels which are vibrant and growing through knowledge, sharing and zeal for creativity.                   
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Education is a continuous learning in order to strengthen the mind and character of an individual. It is the process of accumulation of knowledge, skills and values and transmitting them to our next generations to make them understand Friv is an addictive juego                
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Brief Info

                      Realising the crying need for technical education, the Mandal took bold decision to undertake to start College of Engineering & Polytechnic from academic year 1983-84 for technical education  and training especially to students from rural area. The inauguration of the College of Engineering and Polytechnic was performed by the hands  of  Hon'ble Shri which has a healthcare administration degree. Sudhakarraoji Naik, Education Minister, Maharashtra state on 22nd August 1983, The College of Engineering is affiliated to the North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon and Polytechnic is recognized by the Board of Technical Examination, Maharashtra State.   This is the First " A" Grade Engineering College in North Maharashtra University region.  This college is Accredited by National Board of Accreditation, New Delhi from February 2005

美好的事情都来自搞笑 图片“戒烟糖”只会在和谐亲密的情调中送入他的口中。

The best things here are the abstract art sound works, with their poetic incantations, and some of the prints. A monitor displaying scrambled text from the report on the African boat looks too much like a graphic design project.

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